Thursday, January 20, 2011

Perseus Love Athena

This is the story about my love,well actually he's not really a Greek God it's just a disguise so nobody know him. He's kind,sweet,good at sport,and well handsome of course!!! He's not like he's other friend,he's the faithful type,and it's increase his score.Far as I know,he have a serious relationship,because of that I liked him much more.
You know? For some reason for the last few days,I've met him a lot more than usual.God it makes me wanna fly.His smile is really cute,when i talk to him,his smile!!! You don't know how much it makes me happy.
I hope that one day we can be together,I'ts okay for just hoping right? Because you gave me a signal,even though I'm not sure my self.But I'ts okay,I like for that.

I Love you....